Here a list of colleagues who share our view on sociology and with whom we are in contact. 

Petra Arwheiler (University of Hamburg, Germany)
Elizabeth Bruch (University of Michigan, USA)
Edmund Chattoe-Brown (University of Leicester, UK)
Rosaria Conte(Rome, Italy)
Rense Corten (Utrecth University, NL)
Peter Davis (University of Auckland, NZ)
Bruce Edmonds (Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, UK)
Armando Geller (George Mason University, USA)
Nigel Gilbert (University of Surrey, UK)
Peter Hedström (University of Oxford, UK)
Marco Janssen(Arizona State University, USA)
Michael W. Macy(Cornell University, USA)
Gianluca Manzo (Paris Sorbonne, France)
Scott de Marchi(Duke University, USA)
Noah Mark (Universty of North Carolina, USA)
Marco Novarese (Università del Piemonte Orientale, Italy)
Scott Moss (Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, UK)
Keith R. Sawyer (University of Washington, USA)
Klaus G. Troitzsch (University of Koblenz, Germany)
Eva van den Broek(University of Munich, Germany)

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